The Importance of Price


There are many steps that go into the successful sale of a property, the right marketing, the right targeting, and a high quality presentation of your property are all extremely important aspects of this process. However, while those are certainly important, the biggest factor that will determine how quickly your home sells, will be the price. Whether the market has an abundance of properties for sale, or a lack-thereof, the price will help distinguish you in the market place and get you from “For Sale” to “SOLD.”

The Steps For Success

Selling your property is no easy feat to tackle on your own. Professional advice and service will give you an edge on your competitor and a our team will make sure to present you with a carefully detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). My CMA will show you comparable properties so you’ll know what you’re up agaisnt and how to maximize your return on investment. I’ll show you how quickly other properties are selling, the medium list price and the medium sale price. We’ll discuss price per square foot, and things we can do to help sell it faster.


There are three dominant scenarios that can happen when your property is listed.

We Get No Showings

If we have been listed for more than one week and have yet to have a showing, we made need to re-evaluate our listing price. Some exceptions to this can be the demographic we’re targeting, but we’ll discuss these potential issues when we examine your property and present your CMA.

We Get Showings But No Offers

If we’ve been listed for a while and have had plenty of showings but no offer, we need to examine the feedback more carefully from the showings. The most common issue, is that the property shows well, but the price is putting potential purchasers off from writing an offer for fear they may insult the seller.

Your Property Sells Qucikly

When a property sells quickly, that means we have been right on target from the begining of the listing. It means that our pricing, the way the property was marketed, and maintained worked together to bring forth a qualified buyer for your investment. Our goal is to market your home effectively. To reach the right buyers, and sell it in a timely manner for the best possible price the market will allow.